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Delivering Material

If it can be transported, we can deliver it, or take it away! From a few yards of topsoil, some sand for the sandbox, some millings for the new RV parking pad, or 15,000 tonnes of clean fill for the foundation of your new home, big & small we handle them all.

Rockhard Excavating has relationships with several gravel pits throughout Okanagan and can acquire virtually any type of material you require. Depending on your location we would select a pit that is nice and close to your project in order to make it as cost-efficient for you as possible.

The material cost can vary greatly from pit to pit so there are instances where it’s been cheaper to haul material a long distance from a cheap source rather than hauling expensive material a short distance from a close source. Whichever works out best for our clients is the option we will choose for your project unless instructed otherwise.

Below you will find examples of the most popular materials we transport around the Okanagan and various uses for each.

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There are many different types of sand available & depending on your specific project will dictate the type of sand you may require. To name a few different types of sand we routinely transport for our clients. Hydro Sand is often used when working on Fortis projects, Bedding Sand is used most often when laying underground piping or cable, Winter sand is just as it sounds, comprised of a mixture of sand and rock salt to aid in the de-icing of roads.

*note: Should you be doing a little digging or excavating on your property should you run into a vein of sand that appears to be out of the ordinary, this can often be a good indicator that something has been buried in that area and you should be careful.

Millings (Recycled Asphalt)

Asphalt Milling or better know as “Millings” for short is essentially nothing more than ground-up recycled asphalt. Millings have been gaining popularity over the past years for a variety of reasons. Namely that millings are inexpensive and make for great groundcover in areas such as parking pads & private drives or driveways. During the summer months, the pre-existing tar contained in the recycled asphalt milling can soften & rebind creating an excellent surface that is weed resistant and exceptionally close to asphalt itself.

City Spec

More commonly known as “crush”, “City Spec” is an inorganic filler material comprised of sand and rock designed for exceptional drainage & packability. City spec crush is used for everything from house foundations, driveways, slabs, highways & road systems, parking lots, retaining wall foundations & the list goes on.

New Asphalt

We can delivery asphalt but since we’re not in the paving business we do not have the specialized equipment to place it. We do however work closely with a great local company “Security Paving” on a variety of projects throughout the valley.

Material Removal

Delivering clean materials from gravel pits is one thing, removing material from projects & properties is a little trickier. The city has very specific instructions on what we can and can't transport and where we can and can’t place said material.

We charge per hour for material removal and transport. Prices can vary from $110 - $150 per hour depending on the trucks and trailers utilized as well and the overall distance the materials are transported. Extensive distances may require price adjustments to accommodate additional fuel costs & wear and tear on the trucks.

The majority of materials we routinely remove can be categorized into 3 main types

Clean Fill

This is fill material that does not contain any clay, mud, or topsoil. It will have good gradual material in it as well as rocks. This is for backfilling where you need to have good compaction.

Natural Dirt with Clay

This material isn’t really good for anything more than spreading in a farmers field or to fill in a big hole where u will never plan to build something on that land.

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