Retaining Wall Project Gallery

Explore our collection of retaining wall projects at Rockhard Excavating. This Gallery showcases our extensive experience with a variety of block types including Allan Block, Basalite, Techo-Bloc, Engineered, natural stone, and United Lock Block. Our portfolio also highlights different stacking systems such as interlocking, dry stack, peg block, and gabion baskets. Designed to demonstrate our broad capabilities and the range of solutions we provide, this gallery offers a clear view of the quality and expertise Rockhard Excavating delivers to every project.

Retaining Walls - Allan Block, Basalite, Engineered, Misc.

  • Allen Block engineered retaining wall
  • Allen Block retaining wall
  • Curved engineered retaining wall Allen Block
  • Basalite engineered retaining wall
  • Basalite large retaining wall
  • Cultured stone retaining wall
  • cultured stone steps
  • Cultured stone stairs
  • Natural stone stairs landscaped
  • Basalite compound corners
  • Basalite wall brick pathway
  • Retaining wall and pavers path

Natural Stone - Rock Retaining walls & Structures

  • Natural stone patio
  • Natural stone retaining wall commercial development
  • Natural stone wall
  • Stepped natural stone wall
  • Rock wall
  • Rock retaining wall
  • Stone retaining wall
  • Peachland city sign Stone Mount
  • Natural stone driveway easment
  • Natural stone wall retaining driveway
  • Small stone natural wall
  • Natural stone steps
  • Natural stone stairs
  • Stone septs
  • Decorative natural stone wall
  • Rock stairs
  • Cultured stone retaining wall
  • Stone wall
  • Easter seal camp entrance
  • Natural stone before
  • Natural stone after

Highway Block Retaining Walls

  • Highway Block Rataining Wall
  • Highway block rataining wall and roadway
  • Highway block rataining wall and roadway
  • Stepped highway block wall
  • large highway bock driveway wall
  • Engineered hwy block wall
  • Highway block retaining wall building
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