Demolition comes with its own set of rules & regulations. Old buildings & structures can be laced with all sorts of deadly materials such as asbestos flooring & insulation, toxic led paint to name a few. On the flip side of that coin, these old structures can just as easily be laced with valuable materials such as copper & aluminum wiring, antique doors, priceless beams or structures that are hot commodities in today's markets.

Before we can begin your demolition project we need a few things.

Demolishing concrete wall
  1. Abatement report: Performed by a professional.

  2. A physical assessment/walkthrough: Done by us so that we may ensure all hazards have been properly assessed & addressed & environmental factors have been taken into account & planned for or around.

    During this walkthrough we’re looking to ensure materials such as drywall, asphalt shingles, metal and concrete all need to be separated or at least set aside in a fashion that they don’t get mixed in with any other materials they should be with.

Once we have the abatement report & have performed our assessment, we’re ready to begin. All we need now is to know how fast you would like it to come down? This can be a slow process done in stages allowing one to go in and reclaim valuable beams or structures from a heritage home teardown for example. Or the demolition process can be quick and painless if that’s what you’ve chosen.

*Important Note: Why it’s important to hire trusted professionals for your demolition.

Caveat 1: Sometimes the landfill will want to view the abatement report for your property before they let us proceed with demolished materials.

Caveat 2: Sometimes the city will require proof of how certain materials that were listed on your abatement report were disposed of BEFORE even issuing any building permits!

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