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Welcome to Rockhard Excavating's Galleries. We specialize in two key services: Civil Construction Excavation and Residential Construction Excavation, each designed to meet our clients' specific needs with precision and quality.

Please select the gallery you'd like to view to see the scope and quality of our excavation work. Whether you're interested in civil or residential projects, Rockhard Excavating is ready to share our expertise with you.

Civil/Commercial Gallery

This section showcases our work on infrastructure projects, including utility installs, drainage systems, road works, tie ins, site prep and more, highlighting our capability to manage complex projects and deliver effective solutions.

Misc - Equipment - Awards

Here, you'll find showcases of miscellaneous excavation projects, equipment, and awards received. This gallery reflects our focus on delivering services across various sectors.

Retaining Walls Gallery

In this gallery you will fine a large assortment of retaining wall projects that we've developed over the years. A variety or commercial, civil and residential projects spanning almost 2 decades.

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Excavating Services ~ Kelowna BC

  • We provide commercial, residential and civil excavation and hauling services in Kelowna and surrounding areas. We specialize in civil land development and related infrastructure, offering comprehensive services that include excavation, road construction, and utility installation to support sustainable and efficient community growth.

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