Civil Service Installations

Our wide-ranging civil excavation and trenching services cater to various infrastructure needs for agricultural, municipal, and commercial projects. Our team handles everything from irrigation systems to sewer connections. We ensure a strong foundation for your project with skilled preparation services for cable, sewer, electrical, and water line installations.

Electrical Lines Water Lines

Cable & Fibre-Optics

We accommodate all the preparation work for the cable services to be run. (Clearing, trenching, ensuring the area is secure and ready for specialists to place their Cable & Fibre-Optics cables)

*Note: Specialists are *required to place the cable lines themselves.

Electrical Lines

We accommodate all the preparation work for the electrical services to be run. (Clearing, trenching, ensuring the area is secure and ready for specialists to place their electrical cables)

*Note: Specialist are required to place the electrical lines themselves.

Water Lines

We perform new municipal water line hookups to your home, as well as repairing or replacing existing water lines.

*Note: If you are in the market for a water line repair, please note that in most cases, it's an old waterline that will likely need to be replaced with an updated municipal line.

Septic to Sewer Hookups

We handle the entire septic to sewer connection process, from the initial assessment to final connection and deactivation of your old septic tank. More information on Septic to Sewer Hookups....

Sewer Lines

Rockhard is a qualified sewer installer.

We cover new construction sewer installation as well as septic tank conversions.
*Note: Specialist are required to set the piping itself.

Sewer hookup Sewer hookup 2

Septic Systems

We offer installation services for engineered septic systems, including tank installations and hookups.
We perform field work and repairs on modern septic systems; however, unfortunately, we cannot offer field work for older septic systems because they were not designed for these services.

For more information on trenching or our civil service installation services please....
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