Retaining Wall Stacking Systems

Retaining walls systems use a variety of methods & styles for you to choose from in helping you achieve the specific look, fit & function you’re looking to achieve.

From the common Allan & Basalite blocks also known as Key Stone to their larger counterparts the highway block as well as other products such as Gabion baskets. Each product typically comes in a variety of shapes, sizes, colors and in many cases textures however all are not created equal. Certain block types & stacking systems are better suited for some projects than others.

Interlocking Block System

Allan blocks are the industry standard in interlocking retaining wall systems. With Allan blocks, each block interlocks with the block beneath itself forming an amazingly strong structure that naturally slopes towards the material it’s retaining. Chances are if that retaining wall you’ve been eyeing up is sloped, there’s a good chance it’s been constructed using an interlocking block system.

Dry Stack

Dry stack natural rock retaining walls say it in the name. The rocks don’t interlock or utilize any type of peg system. Dry stack rock  should be rocks get their strength from the fill used during the build process. Typically used for smaller retaining wall projects as they lack the stability that is allotted interlocking & peg block systems.

Peg block systems

Peg block systems such as BasaLite also known as Key Stone blocks are becoming more and more popular due to the fact that they don’t require sloping and can be stacked completely vertically. This style of retaining wall in turn maximized the square footage of the property it’s retaining. Peg blocks typically use a fiberglass rod coupled with fill & in extreme cases geo cloth to attain their strength & rigidity.

Basalite blocks are a good example of a fiberglass peg system that allows for them to be utilised vertically without the need to slope towards the material their retaining. Their strength comes from 3 sources. 1. The pegs they use to align & retain shape, the crushed rock their filled with & in some cases engineered cloth is used for extremely large retaining walls.

Gabion Baskets

Comprised of woven steel wire mesh gabion baskets are often used for erosion control in the form of retaining walls, channel lining & certain architectural applications where excess drainage may be required.

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